The rise of artisanal handcrafted products  is a testament to a growing need for community , togetherness and identity.  One does not need to be woke to recognise this growing global yearning – it is a product of globalisation itself.

If the 90’s and the 2000’s were a frantic coming together of the world powered by the Internet , globe spanning supply chains and falling trade barriers , the 2008  crash and the 2020 pandemic signalled a need for change . Authenticity , meaning, our impact on the environment  and a general reaction to a post-truth universe breathed life into the artisanal and handcrafted world.

Small-batch , limited , local, organic and traditional are words that are now in vogue and appeal to a larger demographic than just the ‘elite’ . This is especially true for urban consumers. A faceless corporation churning out products by the millions does not cut ice anymore.  

And make no mistake that this is because and not despite the digital economy! E-commerce , D2C, digital marketing and new age logistics have powered the spread of handmade goods to all corners of the globe enriching our lives  giving new meaning to the term ‘Glocal‘.

So how do we decode the charm of the handcrafted product and what you get when you order a handcrafted item? Here a are a few pointers :


Every handcrafted product comes with a story brought to life by the skill and ingenuity of the artist. These stories are a result of keen observation of surroundings and people, with a sense of history and a dash of imagination that  transmute materials into objects of sheer magic. 

Ceramics, metal , stone or wood craftwork have been passed down through generations of artists who faithfully retell the stories that inspired them in the first place.  Like every story retelling is unique and reminiscent of the setting of the tale , the handcrafted product would tell its tale now in your home making it richer with its presence

The BEADS Inaugural edition similarly tells tales of the magical land of Niyamgiri and its people with every handcrafted coffee mug and drinkware. You can feel the gleaming streams, the bright colourful shawls and hear the language of the people every time you speak out the name of the product. In fact every BEADS product in future will bring you stories of Odisha in the form of Odisha’s crafts with a contemporary twist!


Every handcrafted product is detailed in the way it is created and crafted with painstaking hours of finessing and craftsmanship. If ever there was a bespoke moment that we wanted in our lives , owning a handcrafted product is it. 

From the preparation of the raw material (clay in the case of BEADS Inaugural Edition) to the product creation and detailing, the artisan puts in hours of labour , skill and love in the creation of ONE product. And when you purchase it – it’s yours ! Your precious!


The impact of purchasing a single handcrafted product is immense for the communities . Not only the artisan community but the society at large . You preserve a piece of intangible heritage , conserve an idea of identity , give back to the cauldron of creativity and of course financially benefit the creators of such beautiful objects. 

The Inaugural Edition of BEADS is inspired by the Dongria Kandha tribes of Niyamgiri. It brings their art and language to larger audiences and gives an opportunity to modern society and you to understand them holistically.


A handcrafted product intrinsically consumes less resources to produce and uses raw materials closer to nature than any factory produced artefact. A sensitive approach to its handling and packaging gives you an end product that eases your guilt on your impact on the environment. 

The BEADS philosophy of packaging does just that . Biodegradable, reusable and sturdy packaging for our fragile and beautiful handcrafted items is part of our design philosophy . One less thing for you to worry about on the guilt matrix !


At the end of the day it’s one of a kind. A handcrafted artwork that is imbued with meaning , love and detail that goes straight from the artist’s studio to your home and there is no other like it !


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    As an ocean enthusiast, I am captivated by the beauty of marine life and the serenity it brings. This is why incorporating handcrafted sea life bottle art into my home decor would transport me to the depths of the ocean, creating a tranquil ambiance that resonates with my love for the sea. It’s also lovely you mentioned that the handcrafted item has a huge influence on a community since it benefits not just the artisan community but also society as a whole. Thanks.

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