Mothers Day Photo Collage

There are a million ways to send a little love to Ma for Mother’s Day, be it a substantial item or even a phone call. Honestly, mums are easiest to please with that little thoughtful effort.  We thought of and curated a few mindful gifts for your mum, another maternal figure in your life or a friend, who deserves a little appreciation for doing an awesome job at parenting (it isn’t easy). Mark this Mother’s Day 2024 to cherish and pamper the women in your life. Let them experience sustainable choices with BEADS gifting ideas.


Cereal Bowl Brown

If your mum loves nothing more than caring for others and helps in managing everyone’s routine, then time to take care of her. Gift her an aide-memoire to take care of herself and enrich her meal right from the start of the day. 

Whip her favourite healthy breakfast in bed and let Nīsu uplift her joy with its minimal earthy aesthetics. Nīsu was made with the intention to add sweetness to life. It is wont to add honey to your relationship on this special day.



Does your mum run on coffee? Trust us mums run on appreciation and love. But yes, they need the energy to go on. Perhaps then drinking coffee is not about choice, it turns into a necessity, an essential. A justifiable way to support your mum or any mum is to help them have a blissful cup of hot coffee. 

This Mother’s Day, give your mum those blissful moments when coffee is just  the right temperature and they enjoy the moment. Do you know a ceramic coffee mug keeps coffee hotter for a long time? Gomo is handmade by our artisans and intended to fit your hands, seeping warmth into your soul with just the right bit of wabi-sabi.



Let’s admit it is hard to come up with an impressive Mother’s Day gift idea when you’re shopping for the most artistic person you know. If she is inclined towards painting, gardening, or music she might already have it all or is looking for upgrades .  Why not make her feel luxurious at home with very boho-chic Baleri shot glasses? These cute little shot glasses are apt for celebrations, toasts and fun. 

How can shot glasses appeal to her creative side you say? Well, they are more versatile than you think. She can use them for dips, desserts, shrimp shots, tiny vases and veggie shooters, the list goes on . Feel free to add more to this list ! You can find several variants to choose from handmade ceramic shot glasses at BEADS including tribal tattoo designs, wall art and colours galore.


Wakumu in Teal blue

We are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water in 24 hours. Fact! Busy mums often stay too distracted to get up and pour a glass for themselves. Later they feel off about their dull skin, hair and nails. Yes you have heard it !Help your mum with a few easy steps to stay hydrated. Like keeping her water jug handy, adding a reminder in her calendar and adding hydrating food to her meals. 

Another simple yet effective way is to find her the perfect drinking glass. The one that keeps water cool for long in summers and lukewarm during winters. Find the perfect glass in our handmade ceramic drinking glass, Wakumu. She would love the elegant minimalist style. Let that be the exclusive ‘JUST FOR HER ‘glass.


If you are struggling to find something for your tea loving mum, here is one that your mum would adore. If she is new to self-care, introduce her to ways of unwinding. Encourage her to go on walks, restart a hobby, write down a journal. Gift her an experience that stays with her, and is used day after day by her. 

Paha the exclusively crafted tea set is mindfully designed to rejuvenate. This Mother’s Day 2023, encourage her to take a break watch the trees sway, birds hum, floating clouds as she sips her tea peacefully. 

Paha – Kettle Set | Abstract Brown |1 Kettle with 1 Cup

Mother’s Day 2024 is coming soon; therefore, you still have time to pick her a special present that she’ll treasure. No last-minute gift cards required! There are many fabulous gifts that the most amazing sophisticated woman you know will enjoy, so if you’re still stumped about what to purchase her, don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed.

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